I’m an IT professional who has been lucky enough to do a Ph.D in climate science. During my studies, I got to live in Rio de Janeiro for a few years, which was a great experience – and has left me smitten with South America. I’m also interested in climate-change related issues, as well as vegetarianism, travelling, cycling, artisan beer and lots of other things. If you would like to know more about me, head over to the about page. If you would like to get in touch, some contact details can be found there as well. I am open for offers of work, including environmental consultancy, freelance journalism and geoscientific projects. I’d also be interested in collaborating on worthy projects and building a network of interesting sites.

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, if it’s climate science you are after, why not take a look at my dinoflagellates page? These little fellas can be found swimming around in most water bodies, including seas and oceans. As the oceanic climate changes, then different dinoflagellate populations come and go. While they are alive, the algae form tiny shells, which drop to the bottom of the sea. If you take a sediment core from the bottom of the sea, and count the shells, then you can work out what the sea was like in the past.

I’m learning to love Linux

If you are more techy, then I’m currently running a few different servers – a mix of Linux and Windows, and I have been uploading my notes here. I’ve also been looking after a deployment of the Alfresco content management system. I’ve uploaded some basic scripts for backing up and restoring databases – feel free to steal my scripts, or alternatively laugh at my n00bish offerings.

Rio – A cidade marhavillosa

I also lived in Rio for a while, and have learned passable Portuguese. Why not download my handy Portuguese cheat-sheet, which lists some basic verb conjugations and common prepositions. You’ll also find a description of a trek I took through the mountains around Rio – the scenery was unbelievable. I also worked for the Rio Times for a few months, and you’ll find links to my articles. My favourite is the one about the phantom skyscraper.

Finally, for all the other stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else, then take a look at the posts listed below.


My General Blog Posts:

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